Hong Kong Travel Guide

There was plenty of rest in the house, especially now that the quarantine was on. It’s time to travel somewhere, and Hong Kong is the right destination to enjoy every day.

One of the most famous cities in China, Hong Kong, will surely not leave you indifferent. Lots of essential sights to see, lots of delicious food to try and shops to visit. You will feel as if you have entered a totally different dimension because their culture is very unique and different from the rest of the world.

One of the best things is that it is very accessible and you can easily reach it by plane. One of the recommended companies offering such services is Cathay Pacific.

Sounds unreal? Take a look at this guide, and you will understand why Hong Kong is the right place for you and your family. Here in this article, you have all the information you need to decide if Hong Kong is really the place for you or not.

What is so special about Hong Kong?

You probably think about why Hong Kong is so popular; “I can go to any city and have a nice time.” While this may be the case, Hong Kong stands out from other cities in many ways. Some of the things you should visit this city for are:

Broad Transportation – Don’t you also like when you have to change from one plane to another or a bus, so you waste more time traveling than in the city you want to be in? Well, things like that aren’t going to happen in Hong Kong because you can get wherever you want from wherever you want.

Great Food – Prepare your stomachs because Hong Kong is a city you will surely enjoy when it comes to food. Their culture allows them to have a high level of food, so you will indeed find something to your liking.

Shopping – if you are into shopping and that would be the main reason for you to visit some country, then you should definitely go for Hong Kong. You have many colorful shopping markets and many to choose from. The best thing about shopping is that the prices are not so big, as in other bigger cities.

Hong Kong – The City of Attractions

The fascinating thing about this city is that it is a kind of golden mean when it comes to construction. They have advanced technology and prominent skyscrapers that destroy the sky, but they also have those old fashioned houses from the last century. With that in mind, you can imagine all the kinds of attractions you can see in Hong Kong. One of the most famous are:

Victoria Peak – Finding the highest point from which you can see the whole of Victoria Harbor will surely interest you. This is an excellent place for couples who love adventure and take great photos.

Wong Tai Sin Temple – A very interesting tourist attraction where you can see the most delicate details of Chinese culture. He is known for “what you request is what you get,” and you have to see for yourself how mysterious he is.

Lantau Island – The diverse landscape will amaze all adventurers. Bring a cloak because the ports on this island can be windy and cold. If you are an adventurer and love landscapes where it is nice to just walk along the beautiful coast, then you should definitely visit this island.

You can Never be Bored in Hong Kong

Even when you have nothing to do, this city always offers some exciting activities that are unique. We have selected just some of the more interesting activities to see what we are talking about:

Horse racing – This attraction has been a tradition in this city for years. If you are a fan of gambling, you can experience your luck in these races, but we do not recommend it. You can easily enjoy the race and cheer for your favorite.

Star Ferry Cruising – Boat cruising has always been a massive attraction for tourists, and the star ferry is one of the best in Hong Kong. This cruiser has a history of 120 years of experience, which makes it even more exciting.

Wrapping up

Those were all the essential things you should know if you want to visit Hong Kong in 2021. We know you will have a great time there because there are many amazing things to see.

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